We love to help property management companies, stores, gas stations, mom-and-pop shops, cannabis shops, and large corporations. We treat all customers the same. What this means for you is that we will not attempt to over-charge just because you may be a well-known corporation. Our trip charges are the same as we would charge residential clients. The only variability is dependent on the location and time of day/night that we are coming to you, along with the hardware we are working with.

Commercial Locks & Panic Bars:

From fresh install on aluminum storefront doors, to regular commercial doors, we can provide and install locks that will work well and last through many uses for your company. Whether you need lever handles, deadbolts, or repair of current locks, we can provide. We are experienced with installing or repairing door closers, grade 1 lever handles, and panic/exit bars.

Access Control/CCTV:

If the usual lock and key system isn’t cutting it for your business and you’d like to upgrade, we have options for you. Our access control systems are capable of monitoring who came when, as well as recording time and attendance. If an employee loses a fob or key card, you can easily deactivate the missing “key” yourself and issue them a new one (if you aren’t firing them). If you are firing an employee, you can deactivate the card if they don’t return it to ensure security for your company. We can do a fresh installation or a system take-over. Call for quote availability.
Cameras: If you’re looking for higher-quality resolution cameras that will zoom in and show you the license plate numbers of vehicles, we can provide and install them as well.