Residential Overview

From lock replacement to duplicating keys, we can service your residential lock needs at your home or you can bring your locks and keys to our shop for same-day service.



You may think you need to change your locks if unwelcome people have keys to your home, or your purse with your keys and address information has been stolen. The reality is, most often, a re-key will be a cheaper solution. In most cases, a re-key will cost between $10-$20 per lock and a trip charge if applicable. We remove the locks from your doors and change the interior pins, which will ensure that all previous keys no longer work. 

You're more than welcome to bring your locks to our shop Mon-Sat 9-5 and we can re-key them often on the spot. 

Do you really hate your locks? You'll truly need a lock change if the hardware on your lock is faulty, if it's an old lock, or if you are sick and tired of your locks and ready for something new. Our vans come equipped with lock options so we can install new locks for you if you desire.  


Quite often people in this situation end up significantly over-paying for this service, or not knowing what they'll pay until a technician arrives. We give you a full quote over the phone prior to coming out to you as well as an accurate arrival time so you won't have any surprises. In the majority of lockouts we do, the cost is $75-$95 depending on location and time of day/night. As a warning, many companies who quote a "base price" or "starting price" in the $29-$39 range will charge well over $100 after coming out. Our recommendation if you are shopping around is to get a final quote or an exact price before agreeing for that company or technician to come out. 

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Some "do-not-duplicate" keys are actually not restricted. We can easily (and legally) make copies of DND keys for you. What this also means is that any employee or tenant can get copies of your keys without your knowledge. If you need secure key-control, we have solutions for you. Give us a call and ask for Alex for in-depth information on some options we may have for you.


If your lock is sticking, it could be a number of things. The most common is that it's weathered and just needs lubrication. We do not recommend using WD-40 or graphite in your locks because it shortens the life of your lock. WD-40 attracts dust and dirt, and graphite acts like sandpaper in your lock. Stop by our shop and pick up a bottle of Tri-Flow ($7) or a larger bottle of Ballistol ($9), which will help extend the life of your lock. Tri-Flow & Ballistol can also be used for your car locks, bike chains, padlocks, ignition, hinges and beyond. If your locks are still sticky after using quality lubrication, you can bring the lock to us for further diagnosis or we can come to you and service your locks on-site. Give us a call to schedule an appointment.


We work alongside Portland police in eviction situations. If you have a tenant that has been evicted from your property, we can help 24/7 with an appointment. We understand how difficult the eviction process can be. Former tenants can have an endless amount of keys they've made to the property, but with a re-key from a locksmith, all of their keys will stop working. You will get a brand new set of keys and can rest easier knowing the former tenant no longer has access to your property. Laws must be closely followed to ensure a legal eviction, but when you're ready, we're here to help. Please try to schedule as early as possible so we can ensure to be there when the police are there. lice